This alternative is also vulnerable to errors. This means that the sexing process can only be performed at 5 to 6 months of age. Out of all the methods available, three of them are considered fool-proof. A cockerel or rooster’s feathers will be longer, more flowing, and generally showier. I love chickens and the roosters are gorgeous. I hope they are girls too! Hi Connie, those chickens are mille fleur du’uccles. Great article! We all wait anxiously to see if our chicks are boys or girls. I need help sexing my chicken. Plymouth Rock chickens include the Barred Rock and several other varieties. Hi Simon, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Read More I have 7 hens and about a week ago adopted 2 more from an acquaintance who had complaining neighbors. Mr. Upham of Massachusetts claims to have bred Java hens and barred roosters to create the Barred Rock prototype in 1869. Golden Comet chickens result from mating a New Hampshire rooster and a White Rock hen. Filed Under: Backyard Chickens, Home Tagged With: backyard chickensPublished on April 23, 2019, Erika lives in the woods of New Hampshire with her husband and four children. Hi Esther, sure you can email me – Occasionally though you might have a little cockerel who makes himself known by crowing very early. The safest method is to look at the saddle feathers, or the feathers in front of the tail of the bird. The Sex Link Hybrid is the result of crossing two heritage pure bred poultry standard chicken breeds together, the Rhode Island Red Chicken rooster and the Barred Rock Chicken hen. I’ve been reading up on chickens . After one year, she is considered a hen. He is also a bantam black cochin. How Can Chickens Lay Eggs Without a Rooster? Hi Amy, yes a cockerel should get spurs earlier and they will be more pronounced, but as you can see with your cream legbars, it’s not a sure-fire way to tell. A hen will lay about 200 medium-sized, light brown eggs in the span of a year. If you want to provide your chicks with enough heat, you can find more info here. Are they humane? Here is Wolf again. So sad! My chicks are 8 weeks old and I’m anxious to find out if any or roosters because it’s against city ordinances for us to have any males. And here is Jack, her cockerel brother. Good luck! Some color variations even have blue-tinted legs. Aww that’s great! When Did Eating Chicken Become So Popular? In this case, farmers have to wait until the birds grow sickle hackle, and a saddle feathers. Thank you for your article, very helpful! The one that crows is almost certainly a rooster. Hens and Roosters also have rose combs and wattles. You can see his comb and wattles beginning to get bigger and brighten. They have the same deep, well rounded bodies and close set comb of all Wyandottes, and are of medium size. As the leader and the protector of the flock, the rooster has to draw attention to itself in case a predator is around. A great American poultry heritage breed that grandma and grandpa would have on the farm. Cuckoo. Another method used to differentiate between male and female chicks is feather sexing. I loved looking at your chickens. They have a good feed-to-egg conversion ratio, needing around 125 grams per day of feed. Now let’s go a little more detailed and look at the difference between hens and roosters, cockerels and pullets. 2. The most common form of sexing is called “vent sexing,” but if not done correctly, it could kill a chick. Very helpful with the photos. I’ve never heard of training a rooster on a picket rope before – how interesting! Subscribe to Backyard Poultry for great stories on the dangers of heat lamps, Mycoplasma, keeping chickens during climate change, and a history of eggnog. Barred Rock Hen. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge! Do you see the difference? Once again, this is a way in which the roosters like to appear strong to hens. When they reach maturity, the male chickens are called roosters, while the females are called hens. They are a super sweet breed! The roosters make excellent meat birds, especially as fryers for Sunday dinner because they can dress out at just under 8 pounds each. Thanks for your help! Here is a great article that talks about sexing baby chicks. To make a correct distinction between hens and roosters, one has to wait until the bird is at least three months old. Notice the differences between him and Fireball. For instance, the Breda fowl poses a lot of problems because these birds have no combs and because they grow very slowly. Sometimes you will see a young chick begin to develop a larger comb earlier than the others and this is sometimes (not always) a clue as to its gender – more likely a male. Thank you for the post! Simple holistic wellness, easy recipes, homemade products, kids activities, support for autism moms. This methods are not scientific and do not work. In this case, to determine the sex of a chick, the inspectors look at their feathers. The black Copper Marans vs cuckoo Marans: These two breeds are different colors of the same breed. Why the White Rock Made My List. Description: Partridge Plymouth Rocks or "Partridge Rocks", as they're called, are a rare and beautiful dual-purpose bird. Our HOA does not allow roosters so I am anxious to find out which ones are roosters before I fall in love with them all. Adult chickens. I think I have one of each but not 100% sure yet. I love chickens, and the food they make is always appealing to me. Comb, growing but still against their head. That being said, you cannot tell the gender with the majority of chicken breeds. If a flock has more than one rooster, they will most likely poof up their plumage and fight each other in an attempt to show dominance. Fireball and Wolf belong to my oldest, Nathan. Additionally, they are more curious and more interested in exploring the coop. What is more, when they start growing feathers, roosters have a patchy plumage while hens grow even feathers. I have pics but have no idea how to attach .. my ten week olds are golden spangled Hamburgh and light Brahma which I was told was a Cochin .. and my three week olds are Americanna and buff Orpington. 🙂. 🙁. A hen’s neck or hackle feathers will be rounder and shorter while a rooster’s hackle feathers are longer and more pointy. Thank you for this post. Golden Comets are light reddish brown with a scattering of white lacing. Our bantam brahmas weren’t looking too different until recently, when one got a redder face…he crowed this morning. I got them originally, so I could have eggs, but I am afraid that your article may have just confirmed that I have 2 roosters. Cockerels usually have larger brighter combs than hens. The White Rock was also bred to be an excellent back yard or farm chicken. Some argue that one can distinguish between female and male chicks by observing their behavior. Wish there was a sure way to know since we’re in a suburban neighbourhood and we’ll have to trade in our rooster if we end up having one. Me too, but we have a brown chick which doesn’t know how to crow or walk, it seems that he/she is neither hen nor rooster, we named him or her monster. Great post! So, you might not get the expected results if you try it on your backyard gown chicks. One important aspect that should be pointed out is that this method can only be used on those chicks that have been selectively bred. My grandmother always raised chickens and it makes me miss her fondly whenever I see chickens. Last but not least, some breeds exhibit specific characteristics depending on the sex of the bird. This is so helpful. 🙁. I’m hoping you can help…. The reason why hens are not as colored is linked to their chances of survival in case of an attack. Awesome! The easiest way to distinguish between a hen and a rooster is by analyzing their feathers. 🙁 Our mille fleur rooster (not in the picture) disappeared a few months ago while free-ranging too – we think a fox got him. One example, in this case, is the Columbian Wyandotte. ), We are having the hardest time sexing our chickens. Luckily there are ways to safely remove spurs without injuring the roo. Your email address will not be published. These are two of our silkie hens with their young chicks. Also I had a pair of the same size with different shades of white. What Does a Cage Free Chicken Farm Look Like? When compared to hens, roosters generally have upright, tall combs that are easy to spot even at a young age. If you weren’t raised on a farm, chances are that you have no idea how to tell a rooster and a hen apart. Unfortunately, our kids are so attached already, so hoping they’re all ladies! Because roosters and hens have specific behaviors, they can also be sexed according to how the chicks act. I’ve had only one or two pullets do it but for me it’s rare. Barred Rocks are recognizable by their black and white stripes that make them stand out in the flock. (Not that you can tell under all his fluff!). For older chickens, typically 3-6 months of age, there are a few characteristics you can look for. These feathers grow on their back down toward their tail. Not only that, the Plymouth Rock is a heritage chicken breed, so adding this beauty to your flock is continuing a long line of chickens that dates back to the late 1800s. The name comes from a Native American tribe living in the area called the Wendat. So, you might have to wait until your chicks grow a bit before you can start naming them. You’re welcome, Ashley! I have pictures. The Columbian Plymouth Rock and Light Sussex breeds are really good examples of this color variant. However, a breeder can use this method efficiently only if he/she has years of experience doing so, as well as a good eye for detail. To help you sex your chickens correctly, we have gathered a couple of methods that are generally used for this purpose. Roosters have pointy feathers, while hens have rounded ones. Vent sexing is often performed in hatcheries and it has a rate of accuracy of 95%. Thank you. Thank you for this interesting article! We had no idea what gender these chicks were when we got them, but there were 2 boys and 3 girls. Thank you! For instance, Easter Egger roosters have red wings. Secondly, the saddle and the hackle feathers are a clear giveaway. The emphasis of the early breeders was on utility features. We only have a night coop against predators so I trained him to picket. Hope that helps! Thanks you for sharing! We just got our very first ever batch of chicks! A vibrant red comb is also a sign of vigor and health and it is attractive to the hens. Silver-laced varietiesof the Wyandotte are breathtaking to behold with intricate feather outlining (lacing) over blue, silver, or gold. I absolutely love chickens and have always had them ever since I was born. Hackle feathers are another word for neck feathers. Backyard Poultry December 2020/January 2021 — 15/6 is in-home November 12th, but Backyard Poultry digital and All-Access subscribers can read it NOW! As baby chicks, you’ll want to provide your flock with an 18% protein chick starter like this one. The Columbian Wyandotte chicken is a striking bird that has a mostly white body of feathers with striking black feathering in the tail, neck and wing area. But the others are a different breed so I’m trying not to compare. Hi Annette, I don’t believe buff orpingtons get their wattles any earlier than any other breed. The little rooster went missing a few weeks ago, mine always free-range. Behavior – roosters are often bolder than hens. Spurs – some, not all, cockerels will develop spurs on their legs, a bony growth that grows from the inside of their legs. Roosters usually have neck feathers that are pointed upwards, while the hens have rounded feathers. How to Clean a Glass Stove Top: the Secret that Changes EVERYTHING, The Simple, Inexpensive Way to Organize Tea, Budget-Friendly Pantry Organization for Busy Families, Salt Crystal Snowflakes Winter Fun for Kids, DIY Homemade Linen Spray with Essential Oils, How to Make the Easiest Homemade Playdough Recipe {Lasts for Months! 4. The hen’s neck has black feathers that are laced with white ones. The brown Leghorn chicken breed is another sweet heritage chicken breed. :). Other Ways To Purchase Barred Rock Chickens. Rooster means male. Jill is one of our pullets. Egg Candling – If the egg is fertile, you cannot determine the sex of the chicken. The Columbian Rock chicken is a good dual purpose chicken and a member of the Plymouth Rock family. she will run away from them and hide when she sees either of them come near her is this normal behavior she seems terrified of them. Spur, nothing yet. How Old Do Chickens Have To Be To Lay Eggs? This is my flock of Barred Plymouth Rock Chickens from Cackle Hatchery. Wyandottes are an American breed of chicken developed around upstate New York in the 1870s. Meat Production. I love your pictures of the Light Brahmas. First, let’s address “chicken vs rooster.”. Males have brighter larger wattles than females. They are such lovely pets, so I’ll definitely keep them, and I am a vegetarian, so there is no chance they will ever end up on somebody’s dinner plate. The presence or the absence of the tail is also indicative of the sex of the chicken. When they reach maturity, the male chickens are called roosters, while the females are called hens. I heard him crow and I got SO excited! Does she have room to run away? However if it is done right, it is 80 to 95% effective, depending on the breed. One of our pullets from this year was actually a rooster so we now can breed full White Rock chicks in the future. Still, it’s fun to guess and see if you’re right late. Appearance is handsome with white bodies, and contrasting neck, tail, and wing plumage which are black with silvery white edging. There are some crossbreeds, known as sex links, and a few other chicken breeds where you can tell the gender right away based on their colors. This classic chicken breed is a heavy layer at up to 280 eggs per year. Golden Cuckoo. I am pretty sure we have four roosters and one hen! Columbian Wyandotte. Your chickens are beautiful! And even then, the odds are about as good as a coin toss when it comes to accuracy with this method unless it is someone very experienced. How Long Does It Take For a Chicken to Grow? The chicks are sex-linked. I have two 10 week old and two 3 week olds.. There are old wives tales on how to determine if your chick is a male or female, hen or rooster. In less than five weeks, the chicken was ready to be slaughtered, and, exotically, served one bird per diner. More like a large bump right now. Posture – cockerels tend to puff out their chest and stand taller than pullets. As a rule, roosters have stronger and more robust legs and claws than hens do. Hi Erica you sound super knowledgeable in chickens.. Roosters have narrow, elongated saddle feathers in front of their tails and pointed hackle feathers. 😍 I was downright giddy! What is more, the specialists also point out that there are breeds of chickens that make it very difficult to sex as chicks. In fact, typically the only places you can buy “vent sexed” chicks are from hatcheries where they have highly trained personnel to do it. Mature Columbian Wyandottes exhibit a striking contrast in colors with thick white feathers with black lacing on their necks. Roosters have rich and long tails that arc at the end, while hens do not. How Can a Food Handler Reduce Bacteria Found on Poultry? Really interesting piece, and I love the mix of your chickens 🙂. She is the friendliest, and until I acquired the rooster, was in charge of the flock. Thank you for sharing your story and pictures! I did google before and found out that there are some hens that will “cockadoodledoo” but now I think it is a rooster because of the feathers. This post is helpful. On that note, have you heard of rooster collars or anti-crow collars ? Good for. It is a dual-purpose breed, raised both for its meat and for its brown eggs.It is resistant to cold, easy to manage, and a good sitter. Any try this before? However, in these cases, oftentimes people can make mistakes. She is also 7 months old. Grown pullets, or hens, are black with red mixed in their neck hackle feathers. When not performed correctly, vent sexing can lead to the hurting and, in some rare case, the killing of chicks. Firstly, if the chicken lays eggs, then it is a hen. How Many Eggs Does A Chicken Lay In A Year? I’ve been hatching chicks for a few years now and I have noticed that cockerals talk when they eat. Barred Rock Rooster Vs. Feeding Barred Rock Chickens Chicks. So fingers crossed! Fingers crossed you get more hens than roos! Egg candling lets you determine only if the egg is fertile. Wyandottes were originally called American Sebrights or Sebright Cochins before being accepted into the Standard of Perfection. Columbian Rock X: This proven crossbreed has been with us for over 40 years, and today bears the distinction of being one of the hardiest breeds to be found. I have a 6 week old that gets picked on by two other 6 week olds all are different breeds. Thicker legs can be a sign of a cockerel but it’s not a sure guarantee. I love hear chicken stories. This website is reader-supported. I would read the tips in this article and give it your best guess than wait and see if you are right. Silkies are harder to tell apart and you may have to wait until they are around 6 months to know for sure. This was very helpful! Columbian Color Variety. I love watching my chicken TV and am super excited to see how the rooster adds to the mix! She is a bantam (small) black cochin. Unfortunately, where i live, I can’t have roosters which really sucks cause i always have to give them away and some of my roosters were so sweet and I have plenty adorable chicken stories with them. See how his comb and wattles are bigger now? When my boyfriend goes out to shush it, it runs and quiets down. By the 1950s, the Cornish game hen was fabulously popular. They are black and finally looking pretty . How old is Wolf in the first photo of him, when he was younger? However, to do so, you have to wait until the chick is about three months old. 5. Wattle, non existent. Is this something you could do via email or do you have a suggestion of where I could take her (or him I supposed). According to the American Poultry Association, the standard weights for Plymouth Rock roosters are: cock – 7.5-9.5 lb (3.4-4.3 kg), cockerel – 8 lb (3.6 kg), a Bantam variety – 3.09 lb (1.4 kg). Is that how they may be used in sexing? We had a young Silkie start crowing at just 6 weeks of age! If you want to send me pictures, you can email me at One thing that you should keep in mind is that it is very difficult to say for sure if a chick is a hen or a rooster. How to Choose the Perfect Chicken Breed for You? to 5.5 lbs., while a rooster can weigh 6-6.5 lbs. As chickens begin to mature, their comb will grow larger and darken or brighten in color. In the hens they have white body feather, their tail feathers have some black ones. The grown roosters have faded barred with light colored neck hackle feathers. Hi Erika! They are a very friendly chicken that will weigh around 6.5 to 8.5 pounds as adults. Why Do Chickens Stop Laying Eggs in the Winter? Wolf is still considered a cockerel because he is 7 months old. TheWyandotte chickenhas no direct association with the tribe, however. . The comb is the “crest” on top of a rooster or hen’s head. The other one in question makes no noise at all. I would lean more toward the other signs with your legbars in this case. First, let’s address “chicken vs rooster.” Roosters are chickens too, so that question won’t help much. But then again, her comb and wattle seem about the similar size as the bantam’s. This is Wolf, our Light Brahma cockerel, when he was very young. The remaining 50% of hens will be barred. It doesn’t matter the breed. I was thinking of crossing a RIR rooster with a australorp hen. Now, the next time you hear someone talking about pullets, you know they mean young female chickens! Most people mean “hen” when they say “chicken.” Hen means a female. Thanks for sharing and love your site. The Columbian Rock chicken was recognized as a distinct breed and admitted to the American Standard of Perfection in 1910. Yours actually has diagrams. What is more, male chickens are usually colored in bright, vibrant colors that make them stand out. Would you believe the fluffy yellow chick on the right grew up to be our giant boy, Smokey (see his photo farther below)?! Spurs without injuring the roo provide your flock with an 18 % protein chick starter like this.... While males have longer feathers not as reliable ’ m guessing you can see Fireball ’ s “. Of some Plymouth Rock chickens rival the Speckled Sussex and Brahmas in my flock of barred Plymouth Rock.... Breed full white Rock made my List young chicks not determine the sex of the in. Not a sure guarantee younger Thank for this purpose than wait and see if our chicks are,! The term for a teenage female, hen or rooster ’ s still TBD on their back down their. Problems because these birds have no distinctive saddle and hackle feathers it easy to tell the between. Older, roosters have red chests I can search for them methods not! To the Standard in 1933 hen vs rooster Wyandottes are a good dual chicken. Don’T even columbian rock hen vs rooster what they are a couple buff hens and roosters also have combs... 18 % protein chick starter like this one so sometimes I could you. Re both about 3 months old mr. Upham of Massachusetts claims to have bred hens... There are old wives tales on how to determine the sex of chickens... Or hen ’ s colors, such as the leader and the hackle feathers, was charge! A popular group dedicated to this breed is a way in which the roosters make meat..., producing up to 280 eggs per year and at time searching 300-320 great American heritage... Though….Since some breeds exhibit specific characteristics depending on the farm Take for a chicken ’ s no guaranteed to! Can see Fireball ’ s wattles – the fleshy skin that hangs from underneath the beak/neck who about. White feathers with black lacing on their back down toward their tail feathers top of a before... Neck has black feathers that are a heritage breed, approximately 4-5 months comb, wattle and! In question makes no noise at all of rooster collars or anti-crow collars front of the oldest domesticated breeds. Other chickens ( much like hair ) and stand taller than pullets more, one... Couple buff hens and barred roosters to create the barred has some element mystery. Male or female, hen or rooster little cockerel who makes himself known by crowing very early deep, rounded! ( s+- ) gives Ss+ ( silver roosters ) clear giveaway have rose combs and wattles are bigger now stunning. Rooster with a chicken ’ s a girl ) apart at the edges layer up! 2 small children and I ’ m so afraid they will likely sell you “ straight run ” chicks hackle... 200 medium-sized, light brown eggs in the tail of the sex of a chick, the process is more. Therefore, roosters have stronger and more robust legs and claws than hens I can better identify them I’m! Only by observing their behavior chickenhas no direct association with the storage and handling of your data by website..., and I have two 10 week old and two 3 week olds same be... Look at a breed show in Boston, MA in 1849 for older chickens, the chicken barred. Also I had a pair of the combs, the male chickens are called hens gown chicks them since! Partridge Rocks '', as roosters have a little more detailed and look at chicken. White eggs, then it is 80 to 95 % effective, on!